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Atlantic Coast Regionals: Ticket to Nationals


The team travels to Axton, VA this weekend, April 25-26th, with everything to play for. Sixteen teams, include USA #2 UNC-W and #7 UNC Chapel Hill, will enter the ring and at the end of the weekend three will exit with tickets to play at the National Championship tournament!

The National Championship is being held in Milwaukee, WI over Memorial Day weekend with the top 20 teams in the country attending. The Pack Ultimate haven’t qualified for the Nationals for 5 long years and they enter the Regional tournament as the 4th seed behind Maryland, UNC and UNC-W, but ahead of Virginia and App State. In total, 16 teams will be attending the Atlantic Coast Regional tournament

The team starts by playing Georgetown at 8:30am, then George Washington at 10:15 and finish pool play against UVA at 1:45pm. You can follow the team and get continual score updates at:


Update: NC State got close, but failed to qualify for the National Tournament, losing key games to Virginia and VCU. Rubbing salt in the wound, the 2015 National College Championships were won by Darkside, the team from UNC. Darkside was the first team from the state of North Carolina to win the National Championships since NC State won in 1999.

Nutt Catches Final Goal

Author: Charles Kerr

NCSU Coach 1992-1997. NCSU GM 1998-2002.

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