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The NC State men’s ultimate club team plays next at the Atlantic Coast Regional Tournament. The tournament is April 30th – May 1st in Axton, VA.

This is where it gets real: qualify for the 2016 USA Ultimate College Championships (here in Raleigh!) or go home, with your season over for the year. NC State qualified for the tournament 5th from our conference, so making our way through this double elimination tournament to be one of the two qualifying teams for the Championship is going to be a tough tough road. But bring it on…

With luck, NC State senior, captain and Callahan Award nominee, Danny Schmitt, will be rejoining the team for Regionals after being out for  a month recovering from a concussion.

Danny Schmitt

Danny Schmitt

The schedule, when it’s available, can be found here:

2016 DI Atlantic Coast Championships


The JinxCam filmed 2 of NC State’s 3 games as they were knocked out of the tournament Saturday afternoon by George Washington University Hungry Hippos. Games against Georgetown and JMU can be seen here:

NC State Club Ultimate Youtube Channel

Congratulations to UNC-W and UNC for qualifying to the 2016 USA Ultimate Championships.

Highlight of the tournament was State’s victory over #6 Georgetown with this pass from David Jones on Universe Point:


Author: Charles Kerr

NCSU Coach 1992-1997. NCSU GM 1998-2002.

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