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2017 College Easterns

The NC State men’s ultimate team travels to College Easterns on April 1st – 2nd in Myrtle Beach. By winning the Eastern’s Qualifier earlier in the spring season, NC State receives an invitation and entry to College Easterns, traditionally one of the country’s top 5 college tournaments each year.

Information below:

Tournament Facebook page

Tournament Schedule

The JinxCam will be at College Easterns testing a revised hardware setup and we hope to broadcast a series of live games both Saturday and Sunday. All games, both live and on-demand, can be watched here on the NC State JinxCam Youtube channel:

The first game is slated to be NC State vs. LSU at 10:45am on Saturday morning.

NC State is currently ranked 16th in the US. Should they finish in the USA Ultimate top 20, they’ll earn the Atlantic Coast region a 3rd bid to the National Tournament: Go Pack!

Update: NC State had victories over LSU, Cal-Poly Slo, Tufts and Harvard, and finished well enough at College Easterns to secure the Atlantic Coast Region a 3rd bid to the 2017 USA Ultimate College Championships.

Below is a game covered by the JinxCam between NCSU and Harvard. College Easterns was the first use of JinxCam 2.0, a completely revised hardware and software system.

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