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2018 College Easterns

The men’s and women’s NC State college ultimate club teams travel to Myrtle Beach on the final weekend of March for College Easterns.

Easterns, hosted by UNC-W, is one of the season’s strongest tournaments and includes top teams from around the US. Including #1 UNC, #2 Carleton, #3 Minnesota — in all, 6 of the country’s top 10 teams will be attending.

NC State, currently ranked #16, will join 23 other teams at the tournament.

The men’s schedule below:

2018 College Eastern’s

Update: the NC State men’s ultimate club team won its pool at Easterns going 3-1 on Saturday, including an upset over the University of Massachusetts. State lost in the quarter-finals to Auburn but finished the tournament with a good enough record to finish #15 in the country and helped secure one of 4-bids to the 2018 College Championships for the Atlantic Coast Region.

The women won the tournament with a perfect 7-0 record, giving the Atlantic Coast a second bid on the women’s side!



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