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2017 Carolina Kickoff

The NC State Ultimate Club attended the Carolina Kickoff January 21st and 22nd. This year’s Kickoff tournament returned to Hooker Fields at UNC which had been re-turfed over the previous months.

NC State was seeded 7th out of 12 teams, but finished Saturday with a 4-0 record and won it’s pool of 6 teams. The JinxCam filmed all of NC State games under struggling through both hardware problems and challenging weather.

Highlight of the day was a series of circus catches made by NC State upper-classman Davis Mossman, including this classic double layout sequence:

NC State finished the tournament 5-1, losing to UCF in the semi-finals. The following week NC State reenter the poll of top-25 college teams for the first time in several years. UNC Darkside won the 2017 tournament, the first time they had won the Carolina Kickoff.

Complete JinxCam coverage of the tournament can be found on the NC State Club Ultimate Youtube Channel.

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