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Atlantic Coast Regionals

Then NC State ultimate clubs travel to Axton, VA to play in the Atlantic Coast Regional tournament and a chance to qualify for the USA Ultimate College Championships in Milwaukee, WI. The regional tournament is April 28th and 29th.

For the guys, they’ll be playing in a 16 team tournament with 4-bids available to the National tournament. State will likely enter the tournament as the 4th seed and realistically they’ll be competing against UNC, UNC-W, William and Mary, Virginia Tech, UNC-Charlotte, Georgetown and Maryland for those 4 bids.

The schedule can be found here.

The women also enter a 16-team tournament, but they’ll be the #2 seed as they fight for one of 2-bids to the National Championship. Sunday, the JinxCam will be covering the semi-finals, finals and “backdoor” games of the women’s division.

Update: a historic series of upsets kept pre-tournament favorites NC State, UNC-W and Virginia Tech all from qualifying for men’s Nationals, leaving spots for Georgetown, William and Mary, and Maryland in Milwaukee.

On the positive side, the NC State women’s team qualified for the first time in 12-years! Congratulations to Jäga!

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