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Next Up: Atlantic Coast Regionals

Then NC State ultimate clubs travel to Axton, VA to play in the Atlantic Coast Regional tournament and a chance to qualify for the USA Ultimate College Championships in Milwaukee, WI. The regional tournament is April 28th and 29th.

For the guys, they’ll be playing in a 16 team tournament with 4-bids available to the National tournament. State will likely enter the tournament as the 4th seed and realistically they’ll be competing against UNC, UNC-W, William and Mary, Virginia Tech, UNC-Charlotte, Georgetown and Maryland for those 4 bids.

The schedule can be found here.

The women also enter a 16-team tournament, but they’ll be the #2 seed as they fight for one of 2-bids to the National Championship. Sunday, the JinxCam will be covering the semi-finals, finals and “backdoor” games of the women’s division.

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