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The 2014/2015 season sees the Wolfpack Ultimate team with sweeping changes to the team’s coaching staff.

Kris Bass, captain of NC State’s 1999 National Championship team and well-known Triangle coach Garrett Dyer have agreed to take over the Pack’s coaching duties.

In addition, former coach Charles Kerr (1992-1997) has returned to serve as Director of Special Projects. Finally, a new Development Squad sees Brandon Jones, NC State captain and Callahan Award nominee, return to the team as a coach. Joining Brandon in assuming coaching duties are Bradley Thornton and Larry Durgin. This new personnel, along with a sponsorship support from Republic Wireless for the Annual Pickup Tournament, sees the team enter the Fall Season with renewed energy and excitement.

A core of returning veteran players look to help the team toward exciting fall season as they get ready to battle familiar Atlantic Coast Regional foes, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, UNC-Wilmington, Wake Forest, UNC-Charlotte, App State, along with over 500 college teams from around the country!

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