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IHOP Frisbee Olympics!

UPDATE:  The rain held off. It was a ton of fun — thanks for coming out and playing. Enjoy your pancakes!

Celebrate the new semester with the NC State ultimate clubs and IHOP.  Win a free IHOP breakfast and NC State frisbees while meeting classmates and the players from the NC State men’s and women’s ultimate teams.

To enter the IHOP Frisbee Olympics, round up a 4-person team of your freshmen classmates. Each team is coed and must be 2-men and 2-women. The games are fun, short and involve a frisbee. After each 30-minute round prizes will be given out for the Gold, Silver and Bronze teams. The games are on Thursday, August 17th, with rounds at 6:00, 6:45 and 7:30pm. Your team can enter any round, with each round limited to 20 total teams.

Teams compete in 4 events of hand-eye coordination:

Ladder – throw and catch a frisbee 5-yards in a line to your teammates.

Relay Race – 20-yard run, catch and tag.

Square – how long can your team throw the frisbee 5-yards without dropping it?

Catch – throw and catch the frisbee with 1 hand — last team to drop the disc wins.

For each event beat the stacked team made up of college ultimate players (the Rabbit) and your team earns a bonus point for that event!

The 4-man team (2-men and 2-women) that scores the most points wins the Gold Medal!

Round up your team (2-men and 2-women) and we’ll see you Thursday night!

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