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Did You Huck It With Republic Wireless?


The Republic Wireless series of pickup ultimate games held August 27 and 28th had perfect weather and over 400 people came to Miller Field to Huck It with Republic!

Hungry Howie’s provided pizza and gave away coupons for the Hungry Howie’s Tennis Ball Chuck.

Some came out to (1) run around, some came out to (2) throw frisbees at the Republic Wireless Android man, some (3) for pizza, and some (4) because they want to join the men’s or women’s ultimate club teams at NC State . If you’re a #4, click here to signup and get more information on tryouts.

Photographer: Sledge Slatter, Republic Wireless

Photographer: Sledge Sattler, Republic Wireless


Author: Charles Kerr

NCSU Coach 1992-1997. NCSU GM 1998-2002.

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