NC State Ultimate Club

Ultimate Updates

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a combination of many sports, with rules like travels from basketball, and end-zones similar to football. A dynamic new sport has attracted many top athletes at the University, with ranging backgrounds from soccer to football and wrestling.

Former Wolfpacker Mike Harlan lays out for a score.

Why play ultimate?

Often judged on it’s hippie-style foundation, Ultimate has grown into a legitimate sport with it’s own national governing body, called USA Ultimate. Ultimate is similar to other major sports, with official rules, leagues, and various levels of competition. This dynamic sport demands extraordinary fitness, endurance and skill; an intellect which understands the tendencies of the disc and all strategies of play. While similar to mainstream sports in the world, Ultimate stands alone in its use of “Spirit of the Game,” a principle of self-governing play that relies on the honesty and respect of the players. This sport is exploding in size, both here nationally and also on the global scene.
With over 700 teams in the collegiate division alone, this sport is the fastest growing the the United States. NC State Ultimate competes most often with the teams in the Southeast, with rivals including UNC Darkside , UNCW Seamen, and the ECU Irates. The Wolfpack travel to many tournament locations during both the fall and spring semesters. Tournament locations range from local sites in North and South Carolina, but also sites in states like Texas, Georgia, and Maryland.
The club invites any student to tryout and join one of our teams, even with no prior experience in the sport. With many experienced members and coaches, we can teach you the rules and how to play. With your help, the Wolfpack will continue to compete on the National scale.

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