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Originally named “Jinx”, the Club Ultimate team at NC State was founded in the late eighties, and quickly developed a reputation for hard-nosed, grinding ultimate. The club’s first appearance at Nationals came in 1996, followed by appearances in four of the next five years. After breaking into national prominence with a semifinal appearance in 1998, the team brought home a College National Ultimate Championship in 1999, defeating 3-time defending champion UC Santa Barbara in an overtime thriller, 16-14. The following year, after having battled for NC State over a decade as “Jinx”, the team changed its name to “Wolfpack”. The team returned to Nationals in 2000, 2003, 2004, and 2009, enjoying varying levels of success, but still seeking to returning to the pinnacle of college ultimate.

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  1. Hey there I got accepted into nc state and I’m currently addicted to ultimate. I was mainly wondering how many times a week you guys practice? I know since its a club you compete against other schools so you have tournaments most weekends.

  2. We practice 3 times a week – typically Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Our tournaments mostly occur once a month, being slightly more busy from mid-January to the end of February. Noticed that you signed up for updates earlier this year…would have been great to see you at tryouts! Maybe next year…

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