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2017 Brickyard Brawl

The NC State men’s ultimate club hosts the 2017 Brickyard Brawl this weekend (Oct 14-15) on Miller Fields at NC State. One of the East Coast’s largest fall college ultimate tournaments, the Brawl features 20 teams from 13 regional colleges including UNC, UNC-W, UNC-C, Duke, App State, Clemson, USC, and more. Each year a half dozen or more teams are turned away from entering the Brawl.

The Brawl schedule can be found here.

Update:  UNC won the tournament. NCSU split into two balanced squads, with NCSU-X finishing 3rd, and NCSU-Y finishing 5th.

The NC State JinxCam system filmed the Semifinal game between NCSU-X and UNC-X. The game was broadcast live.


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