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July 13, 2018

Ultimate at NC State

NC State Ultimate!

Interested in playing ultimate at NC State?

There’s no better club sport at NC State than ultimate. We play tournaments against university teams from around the country (last year we played UNC, UNC-W, Duke, ECU, USC, UVA, but also Wisconsin, Brown, UMASS, Minnesota, Auburn, and many more) and then compete for a national title through the USA Ultimate College Championships.

Each Fall the men’s and women’s teams reload with new athletes. Some of these athletes played ultimate in high school, but many did not and instead played soccer, tennis, baseball, football, cross country, basketball, etc.

To give ultimate a try and look at joining the men’s or women’s team contact one of the following:

Men’s Team:

Women’s Team:


May 15, 2018

2018 College Nationals

The NC State women’s club team, Jäga, has qualified for the USA Ultimate College National tournament for the first time since 2005!

The tournament will be covered by Fulcrum, ESPN, Ultiworld, and the NC State JinxCam. Below is the JinxCam schedule for Friday and Saturday — 9 games will be covered in all.

All times below are Central Time.

8:30AMMay 25thW#5 Oregon#16 NC State
10:30AMMay 25thM#12 Stanford #13 Auburn
12:30PMMay 25thW#9 Ohio State#16 NC State
2:30PMMay 25thM#8 UMASS#13 Auburn
4:30PMMay 25thW#3 UNC#19 Florida
8:30AMMay 26thW#16 NC State#20 Cornell
10:30AMMay 26thNAP
12:30PMMay 26thW#4 Stanford#16 NC State
2:30PMMay 26thM#3 Oregon#15 Maryland
5:15May 26thWUC-BoulderNC State

All games will appear on the NC State Ultimate Club Youtube site.

Update: Jäga pulled off one of the major upsets of the tournament beating the #5 seed, and 2015 USAU College Champions, the University of Oregon, 15-11 in the opening round. You can watch the game here on the JinxCam.

The team qualified for bracket play with a 2-2 record, eventually losing to the tournament runner-ups, UC-Boulder, in the pre-quarters. NC State star, Ashley Powell, finished with a tournament-high 33-assists! She was selected by Ultiworld as the women’s offensive player of the year!

April 17, 2018

Atlantic Coast Regionals

Then NC State ultimate clubs travel to Axton, VA to play in the Atlantic Coast Regional tournament and a chance to qualify for the USA Ultimate College Championships in Milwaukee, WI. The regional tournament is April 28th and 29th.

For the guys, they’ll be playing in a 16 team tournament with 4-bids available to the National tournament. State will likely enter the tournament as the 4th seed and realistically they’ll be competing against UNC, UNC-W, William and Mary, Virginia Tech, UNC-Charlotte, Georgetown and Maryland for those 4 bids.

The schedule can be found here.

The women also enter a 16-team tournament, but they’ll be the #2 seed as they fight for one of 2-bids to the National Championship. Sunday, the JinxCam will be covering the semi-finals, finals and “backdoor” games of the women’s division.

Update: a historic series of upsets kept pre-tournament favorites NC State, UNC-W and Virginia Tech all from qualifying for men’s Nationals, leaving spots for Georgetown, William and Mary, and Maryland in Milwaukee.

On the positive side, the NC State women’s team qualified for the first time in 12-years! Congratulations to Jäga!

April 4, 2018

NC Conference Championships

The NC Conference Championships will be the weekend of April 14-15th outside of Winston-Salem.

Considered one of the toughest conference tournaments in the country, this year’s tournament features #1 ranked UNC, #15 NC State, #17 UNC-W, along with a strong South Carolina team, Duke, UNC-Charlotte, and more.

The schedule can be found here.

Update: The men finished the tournament with a 5-3 record. They were upset in the first round by UNC-Charlotte, but quickly recovered and finished the day 4-1. They beat UNC-Charlotte the next day, but lost to UNC and UNC-W to finish the tournament 3rd. Their next tournament is the Atlantic Coast Regional tournament where they are likely to be the 4th seed out of 12 teams.

The women finished the tournament 5-1, and should enter Regionals as the 2nd seed behind UNC.


March 23, 2018

2018 College Easterns

The men’s and women’s NC State college ultimate club teams travel to Myrtle Beach on the final weekend of March for College Easterns.

Easterns, hosted by UNC-W, is one of the season’s strongest tournaments and includes top teams from around the US. Including #1 UNC, #2 Carleton, #3 Minnesota — in all, 6 of the country’s top 10 teams will be attending.

NC State, currently ranked #16, will join 23 other teams at the tournament.

The men’s schedule below:

2018 College Eastern’s

Update: the NC State men’s ultimate club team won its pool at Easterns going 3-1 on Saturday, including an upset over the University of Massachusetts. State lost in the quarter-finals to Auburn but finished the tournament with a good enough record to finish #15 in the country and helped secure one of 4-bids to the 2018 College Championships for the Atlantic Coast Region.

The women won the tournament with a perfect 7-0 record, giving the Atlantic Coast a second bid on the women’s side!